[WATCH] My Mom knows I’m homeless now. What should I do?

Last week I woke up about 7am and checked my phone. I saw that 10 minutes earlier my Mom’s husband, Warren, had subscribed to my Facebook updates. That immediately woke me up and prompted me to message hi to call me ASAP.

I let a couple hours pass before I decided to call my Mom at her work. I knew if her husband found me on Facebook, he’d either tell her or I would have to tell her. Either way it was going to happen that day.

So I call Mom and the first thing I say is, “So how long have you known?”

Mom replies, “Know what?”

I repeated, “Mom, how long have you known?”

“About a day…” she replied.

I quickly assured her that I am well, I am happy, and the reason I never told her was because she’d be all Mommy and worry about me. But there’s more…

Last night my Mom added me on Facebook!

Now, I really cannot hide what I’m doing from my Mom. While that’s not really a problem as I am doing good things, making progress, building my business and now marketing my new movie, now she’s going to see the raw details. Details a Mom wouldn’t really want to see. Or maybe I’m just worried about her worrying about me! I don’t know.

What do you think? What should I do? My friend Pauly said I should email her a couple links to articles I’ve posted here on my Blog to show her that I talk about her all the time and that I have big plans for her. I’ll list the articles below which I sent her via email just moments ago. You can also watch my latest video below that I uploaded tonight.

Today I Saw Myself Buying my Mom a Home & Dedicated to my Great Grandma Eleanor

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