JL Faverio aka Mooch

JL Faverio aka Mooch

Learn how JL Faverio, known online as Mooch Doingithomeless, successfully built a website design business, produced 3 independent films and became a well-known homeless advocate all while living out of his car in Los Angeles. >>> READ MORE

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

While homeless I’ve certainly become more frugal than when I had a home. Check out the most popular money saving tips you can share with friends, family and clients. For years I’ve been wearing new clothes for free. I call it ballin’ on a budget. >>> READ MORE

#NoBoxBlogs Project

Blogs for Homeless

The concept of the #NoBoxBlogs Project is simple; to create a Blog for any homeless individual worldwide. Since June 2011, we have been creating Blogs for homeless individuals around the globe upon request for free. >>> READ MORE

Latest Blog Posts

Make 2015 the year where you see things ‪‎differently

  When you have nothing but what you’re able to carry, your appreciation for love, life and limitations expand exponentially. This short video clip shows a homeless person who will gladly share what they have because they know the importance … Continue reading

I believe it is necessary…

I believe it is necessary to trust that you are an uncommon breed. In order to succeed you have to be crazy, angry, passionate and dedicated. Everyday I write down my goals and cross them off as I accomplish them. … Continue reading

Homeless GoPro Campaign Shows Real Life on the Streets

Many people, organizations, companies and even children think up new ways to talk about homelessness and those living on the streets. The latest campaign is Homeless GoPro by a team of young techies in San Francisco who want to show us … Continue reading

JL Faverio (aka Mooch) goes back to Skid Row

It’s been a couple years since the last time I visited the homeless capital of America, Skid Row in Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. I’ve recently become housed for the first time in 3 years … Continue reading

Where do #homeless people sleep?

It’s seldom people talk about homelessness, but when they do, a commonly asked question arises: where do homeless people sleep?. When I get asked this question online, I usually recommend one of my articles showing how I slept while homeless. … Continue reading

My Ambulance Ride Cost $996

Since the start of 2014 I vowed to spend these 12 months improving my credit report history. When I finally got my first apartment after being homeless for 3 years in October of 2013, I learned through the numerous and … Continue reading

Failure is Success

I dropped out of high school, yet I still graduated before my class. I dropped out of 2 separate colleges, yet I still built a business with 90+ clients from around the world. With 0% experience, I produced 3 independent … Continue reading

Call HostGator & Get Phone Sex Hotline Instead?

Today I called HostGator, the Houston, TX based website hosting company at http://hostgator.com and found their support number atop their website. I wanted to call them to inquire about their VPS web hosting reseller options. They list 1.866.96.GATOR as their … Continue reading

Reality Bites

When I say reality bites, I mean it differently than what you’re probably used to. Most say it as a negative remark when experiencing bad luck or misfortune. But when I say it tonight, I say it with a twist. … Continue reading

18 Out of the Box Things You Can Donate to Homeless

Below is an updated version of a popular article I published titled Cans Are Good, Socks Even Better, Hear Mooch’s Recommendation where I speak about meeting a young, homeless couple living in their vehicles who drive cross-country to help the homeless in … Continue reading